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Date Routines for the Unisys MCP Environment

The following links are to source files containing date routines based on Tantzen's Algorithm 199. All files are in Programmer's Workbench (PWB, NX/Edit) format.

Click on a link to view or download the slides, notes, or sample files.
Algol Routines A file of Algol defines and procedures to manipulate dates (21K)
COBOL-74/85 Working-Storage COBOL-74 COPY modules for Working-Storage and PERFORM routines to manipulate dates. These will also work with COBOL-85. (18K and 42K)
COBOL-74/85 Procedure Division
WFL Routines A file of routines that can be included in WFL jobs, similar to the Algol routines (19K)
See the Gregory A-Series ClearPath Technical Journal article that describes this file and the file of sample routines below.
WFL Sample A sample WFL job that exercises the date routines above (24K)


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