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2002 UUA Conference

Presentation materials from the May 2002 UUA Conference in Lausanne, Switzerland
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Web Enablement Approaches for ClearPath MCP Systems

Abstract There are now more ways to expose MCP data and applications to the World Wide Web than most ClearPath users realise. Unfortunately, all of them require that you learn a number of new things and, in some cases, make modifications to MCP based applications.

This presentation will focus on several of the main approaches to MCP Web enablement, including screen scraping, ASP-based approaches like COMTI and ODBC/OLE DB, and direct Web support on the MCP host. The speaker will discuss the underlying technologies you must master for each of these, and the benefits and drawbacks of each approach.

Presenter Paul Kimpel
Slides & Notes Presentation slides and notes in Adobe Acrobat .PDF (190K)


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