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2004 UNITE Conference

Presentation materials from the September 2004 UNITE Conference in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
10 Things I Love and 10 Things I Hate About MCP Systems (MCP-4050)
Abstract More than 40 years after the Burroughs B5000 introduced the principles and architecture that have evolved into today's ClearPath MCP systems, that approach to computing remains innovative, reliable, cost effective, and virtually ignored by most of the market. There is a lot of good in the MCP, of which Unisys and their customers can be justifiably proud. There is also a lot that is not so good, but no one in the MCP community seems to want to talk about it. This does not bode well for the future of the platform, the future of Unisys, nor the future of computing.

The speaker will present his short list of the things that make the MCP an outstanding platform and the things that seriously detract from it. He will reflect on his 35 years of experience with MCP systems and explore how the platform needs to evolve to remain viable while retaining its unique and outstanding characteristics.

Presenter Paul Kimpel
Slides & Notes Presentation slides and notes in Adobe Acrobat format. (285K)
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