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2006 UNITE Conference

Presentation materials from the October 2006 UNITE Conference in Garden Grove, California.

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AJAX and the MCP (MCP-3022)

Abstract Web-based technologies are the basis for the current direction in user interface design and development. This approach has many advantages, especially for legacy applications needing interface improvement. Implementing it, however, has typically resulted in keeping most of the responsibility for managing user interactions and generating the presentation layer on the server. This in turn considerably complicates the implementation of the user interface, as well as adds a lot of overhead on the server, leaving our ever-more powerful workstations with little to do but render server-generated HTML.

Moving responsibility for managing the user interface off the server and onto the workstation has been a goal of client-server computing since the early days of the green-screen terminal, but doing that without encountering massive administrative overhead has been a long-standing problem. Over the past year, a new technique as come to the fore, cleverly named AJAX—Asynchronous JavaScript and XML—which enables browser-based applications to reach a new level of sophistication and user interactivity. This technique, currently supported by the major browsers, is implemented using scripting languages, the Document Object Model, and a simple extension to the browser's run-time system.

The speaker will review traditional web-based applications and how they interact with browsers. He will introduce the AJAX technique, discuss its capabilities and merits, and describe how AJAX offers particular advantages to web enablement for legacy MCP applications.

Presenter Paul Kimpel
Slides & Notes Presentation slides and notes as Adobe Acrobat .PDF (251KB)
(corrected 2006-11-21)
Samples and Demos A series of HTML and JavaScript files demonstrating AJAX and DOM manipulation techniques. All contained in a single ZIP archive file. (16KB)
(corrected 2006-11-21)

Using DMSQL (MCP-3023)

Abstract One of the most exciting developments in the area of data management for MCP systems is the recent release of DMSQL, an entirely MCP-resident relational engine for DMSII. This new facility supports data base query and update from both external network interfaces and internal MCP applications.

In the first part of this presentation, the speaker will review the features and capabilities of DMSQL and its related components, describe the installation and configuration of the product, and discuss the integration of DMSQL with other MCP data management tools.

In the second part, the speaker will discuss in more detail the user and programmatic interfaces to DMSQL, as well as demonstrate use of the product by way of those interfaces.

Presenter Paul Kimpel
Slides Presentation slide handout as Adobe Acrobat .PDF (297KB)
(Notes are not available for this presentation.)
Samples and Demos Sample configuration files and COBOL programs illustrating use of the DMSQL Module Language and Call Level Interface. All contained in a single ZIP archive file. (20KB)


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