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2012 UNITE Conference

Presentation materials from the May 2012 UNITE Conference in St. Louis, Missouri

EOM from Scratch (MCP-4033/4049)

Abstract Enterprise Output Manager (formerly DEPCON) is a powerful tool for distributing and formatting printer output to a variety of destinations and media types. With so many capabilities, EOM can be somewhat daunting to install and initially configure, even for relatively simple tasks. It's really not that bad, though, once you know what to ignore. This presentation takes a cookbook approach to give you what you need in order to get started using EOM for MCP systems.

The speaker will conduct a guided demonstration that installs EOM and configures it to receive print requests from an MCP system, along with the necessary Print System configuration that is required to send printer output to EOM. The speaker will then demonstrate how to configure EOM for four basic, but generally useful forms of output: (a) plain printing to EOM-connected printers, (b) sending a print request as an email message, (c) creating a forms overlay and printing on that overlay, and (d) printing to a PDF file. Attendees will receive a detailed handout with step-by-step instructions they can take back to use as a guide in their own shop.

Presenter Paul Kimpel
Slides Presentation slides as Adobe Acrobat .PDF (46 KB)
Demo Script Illustrated script from the demonstration, including screen shots, instructions, and sample output as Adobe Acrobat .PDF (1.6 MB)
Resources The source and example files used with the presentation, all contained in a single ZIP archive file. (75 KB)


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