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2014 Universe Conference

Presentation materials from the October 2014 Universe Conference in Fort Worth, Texas.


MCP Printing on Windows

Abstract One of the distinguishing characteristics of MCP ClearPath systems has been their integration with Microsoft Windows systems. Many of those capabilities also work with other SMB/CIFS-enabled environments, such as Unix and Linux.

The MCP Print System offers several ways to output print requests formatted to be compatible with Windows and other systems. In some cases requests can be output directly to those systems without a separate file transfer process, and without the use of Enterprise Output Manager. All of these capabilities are bundled in the standard IOE.

This presentation will discuss the various ways the Print System can output print requests to other systems, or format print requests so that the data can be used by other systems. Topics will include printing directly to network shares, printing to Windows workstations and print servers, and printing to stream files using various text formats. The presentation will also briefly cover printing using Unix protocols.

Presenter Paul Kimpel
Slides Presentation slides as Adobe Acrobat .PDF (83 KB)

I Didn't Know You Could Do That!

Abstract Like all mature computer systems, MCP systems have a lot of features and capabilities. Some of these are not obvious, or at least not very well known. Everyone has their favorite set of Tips & Tricks to make better use of the system, but no one knows all of them.

This presentation consists of a number of short offerings by multiple speakers, each describing a simple Tip or Trick you can take back to your shop and put to immediate use. There will be a brief write-up available on each one, and ample time for questions from the audience. At the end, a vote will be held to select Best Trick. The audience is also invited to bring their own favorite Tip or Trick and offer it in the time remaining. Come have some fun and learn something new.

Presenters Doug Dobson, Goldeye Software
Michelle Herrli, LaSalle Companies
Paul Kimpel, Paradigm Corporation
John Robbins, Wells Fargo
Dave Tall, TeamQuest
Slides & Notes
as Adobe Acrobat .PDF
Generating File Names with UNIQUETOKEN &
Capturing Programdumps to Disk
(28 KB) – Paul Kimpel

FTPing MCP Files to Windows (Slides, 795 KB) – Michelle Herrli
FTPing MCP Files to Windows (Handout, 330 KB)

How to Speed Up Your BNA NFT File Transfers (49 KB) – John Robbins

CANDE Command Queue Manipulation (104 KB) – Doug Dobson

BNA AT <hostname> Facility (2.4 MB) – Dave Tall


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