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2020 UNITE Conference

Presentation materials from the November 2020 UNITE Virtual Conference.


Going Tapeless

Abstract Magnetic tape has been a fundamental data storage technology since the earliest days of commercial data processing. For the past 50 years, tape has been used primarily as a backup medium for disks and solid-state storage devices. Four relatively recent developments, however, have been challenging tape's position as the backup medium of choice: (a) significantly lower costs per byte for disk storage, (b) significantly higher disk capacities and reliability, (c) declining supply chain for both drives and media, and (d) the rise of cloud-based computing and backup services.

While magnetic tape may be in decline, the need for an efficient and reliable disk backup mechanism is very much still with us. This presentation discusses one alternative to using tape, the MCP WRAP facility. It describes the features of WRAP, advantages and disadvantages of WRAP compared to traditional tape-base backup, how WRAP can be invoked for backup and restore, and using WRAP for long-term archival storage.

The presentation also describes a project to replace magnetic tape with a WRAP-based backup scheme for a medium-size MCP installation. Topics covered for this project include an overview of the system and disk environment, the method used to select and back up standard files, the method used to back up DMSII data bases and audit trails, backup naming conventions, moving backups to external storage, and lessons learned along the way.

Presenter Paul Kimpel
Slides Presentation slides as Adobe Acrobat .PDF (1.5MB)
Resources Sample code .ZIP (85KB)

I Didn't Know You Could Do That! (2020 Edition)

Abstract It's time once again to sweat the small stuff. Like all mature computer environments, MCP systems have a lot of features and capabilities. Some of these are not obvious, or at least not very well known. Everyone has their favorite set of Tips & Tricks to make better use of the system, but no one knows them all.

This presentation has a number of short offerings by multiple speakers, each describing a simple Tip or Trick you can take back to your shop and put to immediate use. There will be a brief write-up available on each one, and ample time for questions. A vote will be held to select Best Trick. Requests for "I Wish I Could Do That" features from the audience will be welcome at the end. Come have some fun and learn something you didn't know before.

Presenters Paul Kimpel
Dan Meyer, University of Washington
Tom Schaefer, Better Sofware Solutions, Inc.
Slides Presentation slides as Adobe Acrobat .PDF


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