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2023 UNITE Conference

Presentation materials from the 2023 UNITE Virtual Conference held in February-March 2023.

I Didn't Know You Could Do That! (2023 Edition)

Abstract It's time once again to sweat the small stuff. Like all mature computer environments, MCP systems have a lot of features and capabilities. Some of these are not obvious, or at least not very well known. Everyone has their favorite set of Tips & Tricks to make better use of the system, but no one knows them all.

This presentation has a number of short offerings by multiple speakers, each describing a simple Tip or Trick you can take back to your shop and put to immediate use.

There will be a brief write-up available on each offering, and ample time for questions. A vote will be held at the end to select Best Trick. Requests for "I Wish I Could Do That" features from the audience will also be welcome at the end. Come have some fun and learn something you didn't know before.

Note: This will be a joint session with 6331.
Presenter Paul Kimpel
Slides Presentation slides as Adobe Acrobat .PDF


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